Google Forms Notifications

Google Forms Notifications

by Code413

Receive custom email notifications when users submit your Google Forms. Setup emails that get automatically sent to multiple recipients — yourself, your client, or even the respondents themselves.

Setup Your First Email In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Connect your Google account. Connect
  2. Add the URL to your Google Form's data sheet.
  3. Configure your email template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Google Forms Notifications do?

Google Forms Notifications helps you create custom email notifications for your Google Forms, so that when your forms are submitted, your predefined email messages are automatically sent out to your desired audience — yourself, your client, or even the respondents themselves.

How does Google Forms Notifications work?

When setting up your notification mailer, we'll ask you for the URL of the Google Sheet that is linked to your Form. Once your mailer is activated, our system starts monitoring this Sheet by checking its data once in every few minutes.

Every time a new submission is discovered, we'll trigger your configured email templates and automatically send them out to their intended recipients.

Why do I need to enter the URL to my Google Sheet?

Google does not provide a straightforward integration point (a.k.a an API) with its Forms. To work around this issue, we instead rely on the Google Sheet that you link to your Form.

How much does it cost to use Google Forms Notifications?

You may use Google Forms Notifications to send up to 1,000 emails for FREE. If you need more emails, please get in touch at so that we can customize a paid plan for you.

How can I test Google Forms Notifications?

You may set up your first mailer within a few seconds at zero cost. Your first 1,000 emails are FREE.

Once you've saved your mailer, you may test your template by submitting your linked Google Form to ensure that the emails you've setup are exactly as you intended them to.

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